What we do for you

What we do for you

Stewart-Peterson helps manage commodity price opportunities and risks for businesses whose margins are affected by market price fluctuations.


Commodity markets can doom a bottom line in a hurry. That’s why we help farmers protect their hard-earned production and help purchasers of commodities lower input costs.

The businesses we work with range from 800-acre corn growers to billion-dollar food companies; from trucking companies to 5,000-head dairies; and from commodity sellers to commodity purchasers.

Our Heritage

Scott Stewart founded Stewart-Peterson in 1985, offering a different approach to commodity price management advice and services.

Loyal customers have helped Stewart-Peterson achieve strong growth every year since. Our distinctive approach has enabled us to become a leader among firms helping anybody in the business of buying or selling commodities.

Market360 Philosophy

Commodity price volatility can expose businesses to financial pain and uncertainty. Extreme market volatility over the years has only reinforced the original guiding principle behind Market360: You can gain control over market uncertainty by taking a strategic approach to managing price, and then executing with consistency, structure and discipline.

To help you develop price risk management strategies, we apply our proprietary Market Scenario Planningsm process. Our objective is to help people like you protect their businesses from adverse price movements while still allowing them to take advantage of price opportunities. To do it, we employ structured, math-based modeling to analyze potential price movements and to develop dynamic strategies.

Our risk management team

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icon_manStewart-Peterson’s risk managers are analytically-minded people who take a team approach to price risk management and decision-making. Under our team philosophy, we consider potential price movements – in both direction and magnitude – so that we can help the people we work with develop strategies that position them for however the market may unfold.

icon_riskEach team member brings their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. Our risk management team experience spans a broad array of industries and functions, including banking, mutual fund trading, commodity brokerage, farming and grain merchandizing. Each has a deep commitment and focus to the success of the people we work with.

Finally, each team member develops commodity specializations as part of specific commodity teams. This means you can feel confident that we understand the specific factors and industry nuances impacting your business.