Common questions that address what our service does
for you, answered here.

Market360 commodity price risk management

A disciplined approach to managing price volatility in agribusiness

Common questions that address what our service does for you, answered here.

What makes Market360 different from other services? - Close

Market360 is a different kind of service for managing price risk:

  • A strategic approach to managing market risk, offering you more consistency and foresight into your business decisions
  • Fee-based advice and salaried advisors to provide unbiased recommendations on all factors that influence price
  • A service commitment rivaling any firm in the industry, including bi-monthly meetings and unlimited access

Why manage price strategically? - Close

Most risk management firms offer advice based on outlook. This approach projects where the market will go and prepares you for the expected.

Unfortunately, outlook can’t prepare you for the risk of the unexpected. That’s why we believe in a strategic approach to managing price using Market Scenario Planning(sm). This disciplined, analytical methodology helps you take advantage of opportunity and protect you from downside risk – whether expected or not.

Do you help me with more than hedging decisions? - Close

Your Market360 analyst makes recommendations on all the decisions you make related to commodity transactions, from when you buy or sell a physical product to supplemental hedging strategies. It’s important that all of your decisions work well together.


Would you market or purchase commodities for me? - Close

We help you make decisions on timing and volume with an eye toward protecting price without sacrificing opportunity. You maintain control of the transactions for your physical sales or purchases and you continue to manage your relationships with your vendors and partners.



With the good-to-excellent rating for the June 4, 2018 corn crop at 78%, you may find yourself hopeful for another year of record yields. However, our research shows that while crop ratings do a good job of showing the relative health of the crop, they are not helpful when it comes to predicting final yield.

Don’t assume good-to-excellent crop ratings will determine yield this early in the growing season.

Strategic, systematic and analytically-minded.
In-depth expertise in specific commodities.

Agribusinesses, more than most, feel the impact of price uncertainty in both input costs and revenue. Access our in-depth expertise on agriculture-related commodities and feel more confident in the decisions you make.

We can help you manage price risk for corn, soybeans and other grains; protect your business from the cyclical nature of milk prices; and manage price risks for coffee, feed or fuel – with comprehensive recommendations.

Is Market360 right for your business?

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Our assessment will uncover your price management strengths as well as your constraints to effectively managing price. Assessing your strengths and constraints is the first step to taking control.

One of the great features of Market360 is the feed recommendations. Over the past four years, there have been times when the feed recs really saved me. The market doesn’t always do what we’d like… but if you work with Stewart-Peterson, it doesn’t matter. I follow the recommendations because I trust their advice.

– Dairy Producer from Pennsylvania, March 2017

I’ve been working with Stewart-Peterson since 2009, and my biggest regret has been not working with them years sooner. They give me confidence in my marketing that I never had before. I’m always the first one to recommend Stewart-Peterson to friends because I know they are the right choice when it comes to marketing help.

– Grain Producer from Iowa, March 2017